CorPlan Upgrade & Migration Services

Advanced analytics solutions such as IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM Planning Analytics Powered by TM1 open up exciting new approaches to Enterprise Budgeting, Planning, Analysis and Reporting. To take advantage of this, more and more customers who currently use previous versions should plan to migrate to the latest IBM Business Analytics solutions.

To fully benefit from the new architecture and functionality of IBM Business Analytics, the migration process requires a thorough understanding of the differences between the existing and the new platforms. Upgrading your applications to new versions or new platforms can be risky and complicated.  The same applies for migrating your data.

With this understanding, CorPlan experts can support you in defining a strategy and developing plans for your migration.

CorPlan’s Upgrade and Migration Assessment Service couples our knowledge of migration with a targeted examination of your environment.   By applying proven practices, we can help you identify the right migration strategy and recommended approaches.

CorPlan has a strong team of qualified professionals who have proven experience in using methodologies and tools to help customers maximise their software investment and minimise the associated risks and costs.

We have developed and recommended strategic migration plans that minimise downtime and disruption of your business operations.

Get in touch with our experienced team and find out what CorPlan can achieve for you